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How does SunChia compare with other plant-based omega-3 sources?

How does SunChia compare with other plant-based omega-3 sources?

When it comes to reaping the complete health benefits of plant-based omega-3 (ALA) and other phytonutrients, SunChia is far superior to other sources. 

It contains the highest amount of ALA. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of ALA. They include: 

  • Cardiovascular health: ALA helps maintain normal heart function. It also helps to manage blood lipid levels and blood pressure within the normal ranges. 
  • Pregnancy: Increased maternal intake of ALA influences the DHA content in breast milk. 
  • Inflammation: ALA plays a critical role in the body’s immune and inflammatory responses.
  • Neuroprotection: ALA may have a positive impact on the nervous system. 

In addition, through its conversion to EPA and DHA in the body, ALA plays an indispensable role for overall well being.

SunChia also naturally contains the largest range of bioactive components: antioxidants, polyphenols, tocopherols and sterols. By comparison, flax contains only antioxidants and polyphenols; hemp and borage only have antioxidants. Canola has polyphenols and tocopherols.

The main antioxidants in SunChia are chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid. Both are primary and synergistic antioxidants and contribute to SunChia’s strong antioxidant activity. 

With SunChia, you are assured that you are getting a fully traceable quality product made with a 100% natural, socially responsible process that preserves this incredible nutrient quality. SunChia is also non-GMO and free from contaminants and toxins.